Ms. Cissye Carthan Terry

R.P. Andrews

CCSI Security Inc. provides a full range of security guard services in Mississippi and surrounding states. While the scope of our services is much similar to that offered by other security organizations, we provide significant added value in terms of our company-wide commitment to customer service, attention to detail and employee reliability. We know just how important repeat business is to our growth and long-term success and stand ready to earn it from each and every organization we service.

Whether you need armed or unarmed security personnel for stationary or patrol services, CCSI Inc. stands ready to provide our customers with well-trained, highly-qualified security guards and officers for uniformed or plain clothes assignments. We are especially adept at in-store operations where preventing shoplifting and theft by employees requires diligence, experience and tact.

To ensure that everyone we hire is an honest, reliable and sober person, every security officer that CCSI employs must pass:

  • a battery of personal interviews
  • background checks
  • drug tests

In addition, we provide in-depth training after the hire and periodic training during the course of their tenure with our company.

(Read more about Quality Managament and Training.)

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