CCSI, Inc. places major emphasis on managing the quality of its operations and especially its guards and officers. Our quality management process begins when prospective guards and officers are interviewed, screened and assessed for their detail orientation, interest in our industry as a career and committed to personal success. It continues throughout the entire training process where instructors file several reports assessing each trainee’s progress.

Once training has been completed, each candidate is assigned to the type of post that his training instructor’s reports indicate he is best suited for. In some cases, a new guard’s initial posting is monitored by an experienced officer for some period to determine how he functions in a real environment.

CCSI, Inc. realizes that very few of our competitors are willing to make the financial and time commitment necessary to conduct a thorough quality management program. We look at it as an investment in the long-term future of our company.

CCSI, Inc. quality management also extends to the care and maintenance of our patrol vehicles, office equipment and other property. Vehicles, two-way radios and electronic monitoring systems are meticulously maintained and frequently tested by relevant experts. The possibility of equipment failure on any assignment is just not acceptable under our operational plan.

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